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Solo Traveling in Bali with Limited Budget for 1 Week (Personal Experience)

Do you want to know so many things about the experience in Bali? Ok, I want to tell you with my story, so you can do solo traveling in Bali when you get holiday for couple days.

At the first time, I decided to take a vacation to Bali after my job as a Field Supervisor was completed when me in Lombok Island. Lombok and Bali so very close you know. Then I feel a pity if after the work is finished, I don’t go to Bali, because I never been there.

Find Flight Tickets as Cheap as Possible

For the ticket, I don’t think so much because I only bear the ticket to go to Bali. As for the return ticket to Makassar, obviously the office will bear it. I’m honest with the boss, if I want to return the ticket, don’t go from Lombok to Makassar, but change it to Bali to Makassar. Thank God boss, okay.

From Airport Lombok to Bali, the ticket price that I paid is 415 thousand Rupiah. The booking advised two days before day H, and again the New Year’s holiday season. I ride Garuda because guns want to ribet luggage problems. Kalo Ordinary day mah, can be cheaper really than that.

I went to Bali on Saturday 28 December 2019, and staffs in Kuta for approximately a week until January 3, 2020. The oath, the holiday this time was a challenge because the holidays I was alone. I have a real family in Bali, Cuman guns want to Ngerepotin.

Choose cheap Accommodations in Kuta

For lodging, my choice of fall into Trisna Garden House. I chose this place from the Mami Kost app. I would pay a million to sleep for a week.

If you want anyway, in fact there are also ways you can ride a free stay. Use the Couchsurfing application Aja. In this application you can request a stay to the local people whose city you visit. Anyway this is completely free. Ngga there is a penny.

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In addition to Couchsurfing, I also have a suggestion for you guys who want to rempong trouble lodging. The Hostel is very… This way I used it in the last days while in Bali. Bayangin, last night staffs Cuman pay 60 thousands. You can book the Reddoorz app. There are many really options.

On the first day, after landing in Bali I guns everywhere. I am resting at the inn. Oh Yes, I’m into the facility of using a Grab Car for 96 thousand Rupiah from the airport. Actually this count is expensive anyway, because actually you can pay 50 thousand Rupiah Aja Kalo ask for help to an outside person (guide) for your pickup.

Kalo Mau, you can contact my acquaintance in Bali the name Mas Rafik. Doi This tour guide that was my guide while in Bali. The number is 081239553329/082237279696. Kalo is a transfer from or to the airport at only 50 thousand Rupiah. The place is still in Kuta area.

Use cheap Tour Guide service

The next day, on 29 December 2019 I’ve started the road tuh. In a day I can ngunjungin 4 places that location far-away really. To trip to four of these places, I Pake tour guide services from Bali Blogger Temen recommendation, the other guns is Mas Rafik.

For his service, there is a daily ngetrip (motor use) worth 250 thousand Rupiah. That already includes the cost of motor and gasoline. If you ride the car is more expensive 500 thousand Rupiah. My advice is to mending ride the motor Kalo Emang its own due to reply to the car you get stuck long jam. Serious!

Solo Traveling in Bali by visiting

Kuta Beach

I was picked up in the morning at 8pm by that time. The first location I attended is Kuta beach. The distance from the inn to this place is far, just about 3 km-an AJA. We are here also just the hell, old guns because the intention emang not swim, but photos aja. For free beach entrance fee. Parking also guns pay at all.

In Kuta Beach Bali
In Kuta Beach | Dock. The

Out of the photos in Kuta, we continue to go to Tanah Lot. Before we go to Tanah Lot, we have a breakfast in the first. Great breakfast in the street. In essence, our breakfast tuh exhausted 30 thousand. It was obvious to eat me a gig.

Tanah Lot

To get to Tanah Lot from Kuta Beach, the distance we traveled was about 16 km, with less than an hour on the way. Because entrance to this tourist area use tickets, so Mas Rafik Nungguin me in the parking lot, and I continued to get into the area. The ticket price is 20 thousand Rupiah + 3 thousand Rupiah motorcycle parking fee.

Continue to Tanah Lot, guns to be asked about the scenery. Very nice. I was amazed by the sight that was in front of the eyes. That was my first Pengen aja Ngambil photos in this place, even so long time because in every time the street is always treated to beautiful scenery. I’ve got my legs. Hehe.

In Tanah Lot
In Tanah Lot | Dock. The

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Unfortunately, the road is very close to the end, the story will be the photos on the shores, the waves are even hard until it goes into the area of photography. People were instantaneously on a running ride including me.

I ended up guns so photo Deh. Although there are some people who still also pengen photos there, but if I’ve enough deh. The important thing already there are some stock photos that take on other spots, which rely on random photographers from the tourists I’ve met. Hehe.


Next, the third tourist spot that I visit, is Ulun Danu Bedugul. On the way, we got a rainy day. It was a very heavy rain. We want to stop by the shade. Fortunately in the shelter it sold a plastic rain coat. I’ll buy Deh I can continue the journey crashing the rain. The price is only 20 thousand Rupiah.

The trip from Tanah Lot to Ulun Danu NIH is exhausting. In addition to the very long distance, which is 50 km (with travel time around an hour), we were also hit by rain and it was complicated by the long traffic jam. Fortunately I got the car there.

In Ulun Danu Bedugul | Dock. The

In Ulun Danu, it also pake admission. It costs 20 thousand Rupiah. And again, while Mas Rafik wait (this time not on the parking lot), I enjoyed this area of Ulun Danu. The pictures have not been like Pake outfit in the previous tour, because the atmosphere there is drizzle.

Yaudahlah, despite the rain I want to activity photos-photograph so hindered. So, pake photos of plastic coat is still okay right huh?

Taman Ayun

Abis from Bedugul, proceed to Taman Ayun whose travel distance is about 30s km. This time it’s raining already guns before. So here have a picture of pake guns more coat. Oh Yes, for the entrance ticket only 15 thousand Rupiah.

Solo Traveling in Bali, to Taman Ayun
In Taman Ayun | Dock. The

Buy Souvenirs Bali Cheap

Walking in Bali usually guns Afdhol kalo guns to place souvenirs. Kalo I can gag sih, mending buy Oleh-olehnya at Krisna or in Joger. These two places have been trusted very from the former as a souvenir place in Bali. Besides its quality stuff, the price is also cheap.

I myself buy souvenir Bali souvenirs in these two places. Not far from my inn. I am to Krisna just a walk aja Lho. So you guys reply to Bali, stay at Reddoorz Hostel Near Trans Studio (Raja & Rani Hostel) Aja. Hehe.

For the price, the Bali flip-flops I bought was just 20 thousand Aja. This is the price of Kalo Beli at Krisna. But the reply buy in Joger, it costs 30 thousands to 50 thousands. Quiet, the price is comparable to the quality Kok.

Meet Up with Bali bloggers

It’s a blogger, I think you have friends everywhere. Do you have a gathering of the MPR RI in 2018? Well there I have a lot of meet tuh with bloggers in Indonesia. Alhamdulillah, there I was a temenan with one of the bloggers from Bali. His name is Mba Yuni.

I am nyempetin meet up with Mba Yuni, all with friends Blogger from other Bali. I am very friendly and helpful… Thank you very very familiar with Mba Yuni. Moreover DOI Ngasih Bali wallet for me fitting farewell. Thanks a lot of Mba YUNIII.

Ngumpul with Bali Blogger
Ngumpul with Blogger Bali | Dock. The


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