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Ultimate Guide to Sade Village in Lombok Indonesia, and The 10 Uniqueness

Alhamdulillah in 2019, I can spend 6 months in Lombok island. Thanks to my boss so I can work here. When my boss told me about the job, I looking for the best place to visit in Lombok on the internet. Then, finally I found Sade Traditional Village to visit.

What’s up with Sade Village? Read this article, because I will be reviewing the Sade Village, start from a complete guide until the uniqueness.

Get to Know Sade Traditional Village in Lombok

Sade Village is one of the villages in Rembitan area, Pujut sub-district, Central Lombok. This village is known as a village that retains Sasak tribe which is a native tribe of Lombok Island.

FYI, the government in Lombok is deliberately make Sade this as a tourism village because its inhabitants are still sticking to maintain the authenticity and traditionality of the village since 1989. So do not be surprised to see Sade Village still presenting the atmosphere of native indigenous Lombok.

In front of Sade village
Me and Friends Took Picture Together in Front of Sade Village | Dock. Suryani Palamui

Sade Village is approximately 5.5 hectares with the number of traditional houses around 150 buildings. The total occupants, as many as 700 people where each house consists of one head of family. The village is inhabited by 15 generations.

In fact, there are many villages in Lombok populated by indigenous Sasak tribe inhabitants. But Sade Village in Rembitan is still maintains the traditions. And so many Sasak Village others, they are modern because constructing a brick house.

Sade Village History

Since the 1975, this traditional village is often visited by tourists, both local and foreign tourists.

Sade Village Environment
Sade Village Environment | Dock. Suryani Palamui

Historically, this village has been there since 600 years ago with the uniqueness of buildings, customs, dances, music games, and the style of his clothes. Including the uniqueness of his Watte Telu teaching, which is the three times a day.

But this Watte Telu long been left out. Alhamdulillah now all people in this village finally embraced Islam completely.

How to Access Sade Village

That day, Sunday 25 August 2019 I was with my five friends departing from Mataram City in Lombok Island Indonesia, to Sade Village in Central Lombok. The journey so happy, because incidentally one of my friends who is Dewi, have a car that can be used as a transportation to go there.

If you are a newcomer who is just really in Lombok, and want to go to Sade Village with so many friends, my suggestion just rent the car to go there. But if you are alone, you can go there by online transportation in Indonesia called Ojol from Grab or Gojek because the distance from Sade Village to Lombok Airport just about 10 km. Well, it can take approximately 15 minutes.

And if you departing from Mataram city, the distance is about 39 km, and it takes about 45 minutes or less. Don’t be worried about the location because it is located just next to the seamless asphalt highway.

Sade Village Admission Fee

Actually to come to Sade Village there is no cost. Prices for admission are free. But, usually when it comes to the location, there are locals who offer to be your tour guide and ask for your donation.

In Sade village
My Photo Together Friends in Sade Village | Dock. Suryani Palamui

When I and my friends was there, we are obliged to use their services to be able have tour this Sade village. Well, maybe so much better, you have to go there with your friends. If you are stuck alone, try to join another group of visitors so you don’t bother guide.

At the end of the tour, you will also be asked to fill the guest book. In that moment you will be given the opportunity to donate. When I was there, me and my friends pay only 50K IDR for all.

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The Uniqueness of Sade Village

Earthquake Resistant Building

Talk about earthquake resistance, it must be in our minds immediately about strong and sturdy building structure. But do not be wrong guys, in Sade Village although the material from traditional materials, it turns out when the Lombok earthquake in 2018 ago don’t make their home destroyed like a brick house in general.

So the distance among traditional buildings there have a good arranged. This is due to its geographical condition which is shaped hills mound. Anyway, you will be amazed by the uniqueness of this traditional house.

We can see the roof made of dried tares, roof structure using bamboo and wood, the wall of woven bamboo, and the floor made with clay with a mixture of rice husk.

Buildings in Sade village
Buildings in Sade Village | Dock. Suryani Palamui

For the roof, the replacement of the material is about 5 to 15 years once depending on the installation density. The more tightly, the roof is more durable.

That’s how their home model is about. It’s not only houses, even the building of mosques, granaries, and the meeting place have model also like that. The good news, with that material, the temperature can be adjusted. In the afternoon was a cool day, and the night was warm.

Building with Many Functions and Meanings

Sade Sasak Tribe People named the house building with the name Bale. Based on our guide information, there are eight bale in Sade Village which is based on the function.

At the beginning, I think all the traditional buildings in Sade Village are all the same. But it’s not. For example like Bale Bonter. It turns out that this Bale Bonter building serves as a village office house.

In addition, there is also Bale Kodong. This Bale Kodong turns out to be home to a new citizen, or home to a parent who wants to enjoy his or her old age.

Take a Break in the Bale Sade Village
Take a Break in the Bale Sade Village | Dock. Suryani Palamui

Meanwhile, Bale Tani is allocated as a place to live with family and children. Which, in total, their traditional house (Bale Tani) is divided into three parts.

The first part is the front or the outer bale, this place for bed of the boys and the parents, and the place to receive guests. When entering in this area, we will see a deliberately low opening part so that every guest who arrives can look down as a sign that guests are respect homeowners.

Entering the second part, the position is higher than 1 metre. In this section it functions more towards the kitchen, barn and bed for girls.

Sasak Tribe Kitchen
Cooking Kitchen in Bale Tani | Dock. Suryani Palamui

The last part is the bale inside, allocated as a place to give birth, where the place is smaller to be compared with other rooms. Fitting into the bale inside, we will definitely past 3 steps. Well, 3 steps also have their own meanings. That reflects the life of being born, living, and dying. Full of philosophy!

The Floor is Covered in Buffalo Dung

All of the people in Sade Village apparently had a unique habit of clean the floor. According to the title, they clean their home use buffalo dung. Once upon a time, there is no cement, the Sasak people in Sade Village like the buffalo dirt for covered their floor in their home.

This is because they believe in this way, the floor of the house can be warmer and eliminate mosquitoes. Can you imagine? The dirt does not mix with anything except a little water. But when I came to their house, there was strangely no smell of poop.

Floor of Clay
Floor of Clay after Cleaned with Buffalo Dung | Dock. Suryani Palamui

They do this can be once in a week or once in a month. Usually also when there are events. When the floor dried, the floor will be wiped with rocks. The function as adhesive let the floor is strong.

But now, there are some people already use the cement plaster first, and after that cover the floor with buffalo dung in their homes. They use cement plaster to make the home atmosphere more comfortable.

Local Wisdom of Sasak Tribe Population

Another uniqueness of Sade Village in Lombok is that the Sasak Tribe is occupied by the indigenous peoples of Lombok island. This long-lasting village of customs and culture is often visited by tourists to unearthed their unique traditions and habits. Included by me and my friends yesterday.

Do not wrong, visit this village, you just not only see the traditional building. You can see more than that. You can understand their life patterns, and can be interact with their community. Like my story, I was entered into their home with my friends.

Sade Village Environment
Sade Village Environment | Dock. Suryani Palamui

The hospitality of people there so nice really because they very welcome with visitors, especially for who want to find out more about their traditions.

Uniquely, they are still doing marriage with their family. That is, the marriage is still have a one generation line. Because they think this wedding so easier than married with girls from other villages. And of course they have to buy some buffalos that so expensive if they married with girls from other villages.

Sade Village Love Tree

Still related to marriage, in Sade Village there is a love tree. This tree looks like a dry tree (a dead jackfruit tree) located in the middle of the village. Do you know why the name is tree love?

Apparently, the tree named love trees because the tree is the witness meeting the lovers here. Those who fell in love, promised to meet in the moment of Memari or elope that would be arranged by a matchmaker.

Sade Village Love Tree
In front of Sade Village Love Tree | Dock. Suryani Palamui

The task of matchmaker here not only bring couples, but also to monitor the condition of the girl’s house later. He will see if the girl is in the house, is there his parents, or is there another guy guest. Because young Sasak can’t have dating.

If already promised, then they will meet in the tree of love that became the benchmark. The tree was chosen because its location in one quiet alley. This is the place where the people meet through the alley. After that, they then married.

Unique Tradition of Elope

Actually the unique tradition of this escape is not like elope that we imagine in general, like the parent will be angry know their daughter kidnapped by a man. Actually, the guy will kidnap the girl from his house that can be known by his parents. But, there is a difference in this tradition.

So the tradition of this escape will oblige the future hasband to kidnap the future wife before the wedding is fixed. Don’t be worry, no one police are involved because the procedure of the kidnapping has been governed by tradition.

You can imagine, if there are boys who like to come girl’s home, bring food, then talk to future parent-in-laws politely, so the guy will be bad because violating the tradition.

Wandering in Sade village
Wandering in Sade Village | Dock. The

In fact, if you directly ask without the kidnapping drama first, the family of the girl will be offended. It feels like their daughter likes stuff.

The rules of this escape are:

The guy who want married the girl is obliged to kidnap the girl and take her to his family home or friend for three days and two nights.

In the kidnapping act, the tree of love is a meeting point. So, the guy will be in the tree with the girl based on promise, and then they move along.

The morning after the kidnapping, the messenger of the guy would tell the girl’s family that their daughter was kidnapped last night, while applying for a blessing and marriage. Generally, a guy is required to marry a Sasak tribe girl too.

Well, so after the guy expressing his heart to the girl’s family, then can be marriage by bringing the girl back to her home called Nyokolan. Afterwards, they would stay in a small house called Bale Kodong for a honeymoon.

Attractions and Folk Performances

Another uniqueness seen when visiting Sade Village is his signature dance. Usually the dance that became the attractions and performances of this people in only certain events. One of the best known is the Gendang Beleq dance.

Gendang Baleq was once displayed to welcome back the people of Lombok from fighting. But the dance that can be played up to 40 people even more this, now only performed for the event of the marriage, circumcision, or momentum events that exist in Lombok.

The people of Lombok believe that all the instruments that are played in Gendang Beleq have “guards”. Therefore, it is usually a ritual before the show with flowers and praying together beside of the instruments. Their prayer remained to God, but they also asked for permission to the “owner” of this instrument.

Sade Village Traditional Clothes Used Every Day

This community in Sade village every day always uses traditional Sasak tribe clothing. Although not for all residents, but me and my friends feel old-fashioned atmosphere in Sade Village.

Sasak Tribe Traditional Dress
Our Guide to Wearing Sasak Tribe Traditional Clothes | Dock. Suryani Palamui

Girls Must Make Woven Cloth

Like other typical woven fabrics, woven fabrics from Sade Village also have different characteristics with woven fabrics in other areas. A prominent feature that really is in terms of motifs and traditional craftsmanship process. One of weaving cloth products that characterize Lombok is a songket cloth.

I and my friends interacting with the weaver. Even they teach us to weave. Uniquely here, Sade Villagers are obliged to weave fabrics.

Sade Village Weaving Fabric
My friend, Moli, Learning Weave | Dock. Suryani Palamui

Imagine, the girls here started weaving since 9 years old. Because, this weaving skill is part of the tradition that must continue to be inherited, and according to the customary rules that the girls can’t marry if they can not weave cloth.

The process of making these woven fabrics starts from spinning dry cotton into yarn. Yarn that already neat then given the color derived from natural materials. Making of Songket fabrics 2 meters long. For example, it takes work two weeks to three months, depending on the severity of the pattern and type.

Sade Village Potential in Farming and Trading

Besides weaving, there is also another potential of Sade Village which is their main livelihood, namely farming. But because there are not irrigation exist and only rely rainwater, then the harvest can be done in once a year.

The harvest will be rice and palawija. After that, the result is stored in a small building that is a rice barn, namely Lumbung Pare and can only be taken by the mother.

Typical coffee Lombok in Sade village
Typical Coffee Making in Lombok Sade village | Dock. Suryani Palamui

Therefore also they have a side job besides weaving, which is making souvenirs.

I have a lot of people who peddle their trades ranging from woven cloth to accessories such as bracelets and necklaces. And yes, here there is also a coffee for sale.

Coffee there has been finely ground, some are still in the form of beans. Apparently, the Sade Village community likes drinking coffee. They usually drink before leaving for the fields. The coffee doesn’t make stomach ache because there is a mixture of rice.

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