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Creative & Cool Instagram Story, This is How to Create It. Free 50++ Graphics!

If you have instagram account, I feel it’s very important for you to create creative and cool instagram story to have a good insight. Because in my previous post, Instagram Highlight Cover has a lot of viewers. So in this post I will share about how to create creative Instagram Story based on my style. Yay!

Why Should You Create a Cool Story?

In my opinion, the instagram story’s features is limited, mainly for Androind users. No wonder there are so many apps made to make Instagram stories look interesting.

Instagram Story

Maybe someone said, what are the benefits of making Instagram stories that are cool, creative and interesting? Is not it? I think there are certainly benefits. You can even magnify your interactions just by making interesting Instagram stories. It is suitable for you if you are an influencer or want to be an influencer in instagram app.

Besides, who isn’t watching the story now? Almost everyone right? Well for that it’s really important that you make a cool Instagram story so your story can be memorable. When it’s memorable, you even sell it in the story! I see my viewers in the story will be a lot if the story that I made was creative. The trick is various. I will explain the method below.

Apps You Can Use for Create Creative Instagram Story


Canva is one of the popular applications for creating creative and cool instagram stories because it is so flexible to use our own designs, rather than using a standard design that other people usually use in Instagram stories.

The good thing is that Canva app can be downloaded for free on the Play Store or in the App Store, and it also provides a lot of cool templates for free!


Unfold is a great app to create an instagram story layout. Here you can add photos, videos and text. I personally use this application, unless if I want make insta story with simple layout.

The difference with Canva, in Canva we can only import images, while in Unfold can import videos. If you are interested, please download the app on the Play Store or in the App Store.


Inshot is an application that I often use to create instagram stories by video style. This application is like a complete video editing application, there are additional music, effects, stickers, can even be used without watermark. You can download the app in the Play Store or in the App Store.

Graphics for Instagram Story

Above are 3 of the mainstay applications that I use to create a cool and creative instagram story. You just have to choose one of them, and start creating. To add to the aesthetics of your story, you can really add some graphics decorations to make your story look more cool than just a photo above the background and text. Some graphics you can use:

  • Polaroid Frames
  • Brush
  • Glitter
  • Washi Tape
  • Flowers
  • Hearts
  • Paper
  • Watercolor

To use the graphic as above, you just need to save them in your phone gallery, and then upload it directly in the story feature or in the editing application you have chosen before.

Where to Get Graphics?

Actually to get good graphics to put into the story feature it’s a lot to be found on Google. But, I want share a collection of graphics that I found for you guys for free. How to download just click the images. I recommend to download graphics below via PC or computer.

Polaroid Frames

Polaroid Frame for Instagram Story

Brush and Glitter

Brush and Glitter

Washi Tape

Washi Tape




Hearts for Instagram Story


Paper for Instagram Story


Watercolor for Instagram Story

After downloading the file above, you need to extract the winrar file if the file is winrar. For the hearts picture, because the image is PNG file, you need to copy the image file as much as 16 copy and crop each image so that each picture file is only one heart.

For wallpaper, the file will be in the form of PDF in WinRAR compress. So, you should convert the PDF file into a JPG or PNG file. You can use online convert by visiting the site PDF to image. If you have, you save the picture in the mobile gallery, and you can immediately create a funny story with graphics above.

Use Personal Emoji

Story Instagram Bitmoji

In addition for using funny graphics, I also often use a private emoji in the instagram story. This personal emoji I created using the Bitmoji app can be downloaded in the Play Store or App Store.

Create Instagram Story on Mobile

You need to know, the size of the insta story in general is 1080 px for width, and 1920 px for height. This size is adjusted to the size of the mobile screen with a comparison ratio of 9:16. If you’re an iphone user, you can get to the way I created the story below without using any additional apps.

Instagram Story
Instagram Story

But if you’re an Android user, you’ll need additional apps like Canva, Unfold, or Inshot. The trick is almost the same as above, but for the sticker Bitmoji, it should be imported when the story will be uploaded. So the sticker Bitmoji not imported in the 3 applications before.

Do not forget if you have made the story, use in instagram highlights also. Wondering how to make a instagram cover? You can see my post how to make instagram highlight cover.

Create Instagram Story on Computer

Although many people who work all their stories via mobile phones, but there are some people who prefer to work on it via computer. The reason for working on a computer story can be more freely.

Everything is certainly don’t have problem if you want do it on your phone or computer. But if me want to make the story via computer, I will use, Canva, Picmonkey, or PIXLR Editor.

Instagram Story

Once you’ve logged into the site, make sure your document size is 1080 px and 1920 px. Size of this document can be obtained by selecting the custom document and entering the desired document size.

FYI, for Picmonkey and PIXLR Editor, you can even use fonts installed on your computer. Make sure the best fonts are there and can be used directly on your computer or laptop.

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