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Google Adsense

Thanks for stopping here guys! I know you want to have income through Google Adsense. That’s true, I will review about this Adsense, but this is not from my experience. It is from Blogger Master’s experience, who a few weeks ago had shared about his stories in my community event, Blog Clinic from Blogger Makassar Anging Mammiri Community.

His name is Kang Herman. He was recommended by one of friend at Blogger Makassar when I asked for the speaker at Blog Clinic: Can Earn Money from Blog. Previously, I had met him once but it was just a while and I didn’t know much his background.

Until Blog Clinic will be held, then I find out all about Kang Herman. Among the many things that I admire from him, the one thing I amaze the most, is his courage to be a full time blogger and resign from his previous job. The story you can read Saya Tinggalkan Pekerjaan dengan Gaji 21 Juta/ bulan, dan Istri Saya Lalu Menangis Tersedu… (it’s an article in Bahasa)

At the beginning of the event, Kang Herman explained that his resources in blogging there are several, like from Amazon, Google Adsense, Ebooks, and Private Coaching. While currently, he is learning Facebook Ads and in the process of creating an Online Course.

Kang Herman can’t explain fully about his resources of income from the blog. So, he prefer explain Google Adsense only for us who are present in that event, because as we know, Google Adsense is one of the most popular services for bloggers to earn money.

What is Google Adsense?

For more understand this Adsense, I try to write one by one based on what I captured from Kang Herman.

So Adsense is a CPC (cost-per-click) based advertising program that allows the platform owner (blog/ website/ app/ YouTube) to earn revenue from installed ads. Adsense is a website advertisement like text, image and video.

The work of this Google Adsense is by utilizing the cache of the user’s browser to know what is being needed. So that the ads will appear according to the visitor’s interests or needs.

For example, you’re looking for a cheap lipstick on Google’s search engine, and a few times later, the ads will appear definitely with so many variety of lipsticks. The ads will appear and change by itself, and following the cache stored in your browser.

Why Choose Google Adsense?

Some of the things that make this Adsense be a popular service for bloggers get income, because:

1. Targeted Advertising

Their ads are reviewed to ensure they are have a high quality and relevant to the content of your blog or your visitors, even when viewed on smartphones and tablets.

2. You Can Take Control

Ads can be blocked, otherwise ads are disliked. Ads can also be adjusted, and selected types of ads to suit your site.

3. Only The Highest Paying Ads Displayed

The intention is to leverage the largest network of advertisers using the Adsense service, so the ads will appear and will potentially make you a good income.

6 Tips for Blog to be Accepted by Google Adsense

1. One Topic/ Niche

Maybe you often hear that to create a great blog, the blog should focus on one topic or niche. Well this is what could be the basis for your blog to be accepted by Adsense.

Sharing a little bit, my blog was received by Adsense in 2018, but with a so many topics. After Adsense rejected me 2 times by the way. I think the good tips for you, just focus in one niche because it will be more easily accepted by Google Adsense.

2. Clear Navigation

Clear navigation have intention to help blog visitors get information easily and quickly. If your visitors are still having trouble finding important information (pages, buttons, etc.) in the blog, then your navigation is still less effective.

3. Articles Type How To/ Tips

This type of article guide or step-by-step tutorial is the most searched articles by people in search engines. Also mention the How To article. Articles of this type should be made in detail with a language that is easy to understand. Coupled with supporting images, the reader is getting easier to understand.

4. Number of Articles at Least 15

What is the minimum number of articles to received by Google Adsense? According to Kang Herman, at least 15 articles. But actually you will get a definite answer despite seeing the Adsense policy page. Because Adsense received blogs have a different number of articles.

5. Blog Age Minimum 3 Months

The blog age is also the basis of receiving blogs or not. Ideally according to Kang Herman, the age of the blog to be accepted by Adsense is 3 Months. While there is actually also what I know to register a blog to Adsense there is no time and age that can be used as a benchmark.

6. About Trustworthy Pages

And lastly, the thing you need to know before contributing to the Adsense program, of course, Google wants to know your identity. So, important pages should be made to be trusted like Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Terms of Sevice (ToS), Contact, and About. These pages should be displayed in these menus on your site.

How to Enroll in Google Adsense

Signing up on Google Adsense is very easy as you only need active email and active blog. You’ll have four steps. That’s creating an Adsense account, activating your account, creating ads, and adding ads to your blog.

I would like to discuss the wide way of listing in Google Adsense because Kang Herman also explained that the way is being found in Google. However, he is advised to visit Commerce Hoster’s article on Cara Daftar Google AdSense – 99% Pasti Diterima! (article in Bahasa)

Google Adsense Welcome Notifications

After registering on Google Adsense, you will be notified to the email whether you are accepted as an Adsense publisher or not. If accepted Alhamdulillah, and if rejected, try again. Maybe you have to improve your blog, or blog should be better developed.

Kang Herman explains things that need to be fixed if your blog hasn’t been received Adsense by auditing the content, fixing the About page, adding new content, or if you need to create a new email, then register again.

8 Steps for Payday from Google Adsense

Now we’ve got to the point, that is how to get a salary from Google Adsense. How to do? Based on Kang Herman’s explanation, get the first salary of this Google Adsense there are 8 steps, they are:

1. Use ads.txt

Ads.txt is a file, which can protect advertiser and publisher including for Google Adsense users from fraud seller, fake click, spoofing, and others. In addition, these ads.txt can directly make your ads appear more optimal.

For those who want to know more how to put this ads.txt file on the blog, you can directly googling. There are a lot of ways, whether it’s for the Blogger or WordPress platform.

2. Enable Adsense Autoads

In Google AdSense, there is an ad format service called “Auto Ads”. This Auto Ads is made for users to implement the installation of Adsense ads on their blog or website. So with these facilities, ads will automatically appear in certain areas in the best position. The way to stay enter the code once, and voila! Ads will automatically run.

For your information, by installing this Auto Ads format on the blog, the revenue can increase by 10-15% from posting regular manual ads.

3. Place an Ad on An Article Body

After obtaining the code, the next step is to place the ad on the article body. For Blogspot, so many way of tutorials that explain this step. But for WordPress, Kang Herman suggests we can use the Quick Adsense Plugin.

4. More Content Publication

How much content should be published? Make 25 contents. If 25 contents has been reached, continue creating articles up to 50 contents. If 50 contents is reached, further up to reach 100 contents. This way, earnings from Adsense will increase over time.

5. Get Lots of Traffic

This is the most important thing in the existence of a blog or website, namely traffic. Without traffic, the blog so bad. Traffic is visitor. So, how do I get a lot of traffic to earn revenue in Adsense? The most important thing is to create content that really people needs, to make your article appear in the search engines.

There are many ways to get blog traffic, and of course you can googling how to get a lot of traffic on the blog.

6. Adsense PIN Verification

This Adsense pin verification will be obtained after Adsense revenue reaches 10 dollars. Google will be able to verify the PIN to the address you’ve registered.

If the PIN was already sent by Google, the Adsense dashboard will appear red notification. This new notification will be lost if you’ve previously verified using your identity card.

7. Payment Setup

The payment setup in this case is to set up the Adsense money payment method. Now you can even earn money directly through a bank account.

8. Update Content and Traffic

Again, this content and traffic are two things that can never be separated. Good content will generate good traffic anyway. There are many ways to create content that can invite a lot of traffic.

How to Payday Every Month from Google Adsense

To get payday every month, Kang Herman suggests that the blog must be more than 150 contents. When 150 contents has been created, the traffic will arrive. Create a hold of content until reach 7000 viewers. If it’s reached, create a blog again and continue, until it reaches the income you want.

So, that’s all I get from Blog Kang Herman in Blog Clinic event. Hopefully you all can get the benefit. See you on my next blog post.

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