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My name Suryani Palamui, you can call me Yani. I am a lifestyle blogger, who works in Architecture and build my own Architecture’s Studio, Suryani Studio. Other activities, I am Owner for Event Portal Media in Makassar which isΒ Makassar Event.

I was born in Ampana, Central Celebes at 20th July 1991. So passioned about Blog, Creativity, and Self Imrovement. You can check my Achievements.

YANIKMATILAH SAJAΒ is a Lifestyle Blog since 2013, who talk about blog/ social, design/ creativity, self improvement, and so much experiences of me, that covered by creativity and personal. There are 3 values that I want to share in this blog, they are ACTIVE, CERATIVE, dan INSPIRING. So please check my posts in this blog. Confused want to start from where? You can choose topic that you want.

Besides sharing information above, I also provide services related to blogs and social media. Feel free to inform me of your difficulties by choosing one or more of the services I provide below.

Blog Yanikmatilah Saja


Design your blog, or even make you a new website / blog.



I am ready to mentor you to develop your blog with workshops.

Belanja Yanikmatilah Saja


Selling products that I use and I highly recommend.

Kerjasama Yanikmatilah Saja


Open to agencies / companies that want to work with me or my blog.


How long has it been blogging, and how did it start?

I started blogging (wit Blogspot platform) from 2010 to accommodate my hobby that likes to write diaries. Over time, I deleted many of the posts because of the embarrassing style of my writing. And in 2013, this blog reborn still in the same platform. Since I officially joined the Makassar Blogger Anging Mammiri Community at the end of 2016, my blog activities have increased. More and more of my friends are asking me about blogs too. Therefore, at 2019 I moved to WordPress, then tried to start to take seriously the world of this blog by sharing things that were more useful than just vent.

How do you learn about blogs / websites?

I learned the blog autodidactly from the internet. Trial error for several years. At 2019, I will be more determined to migrate to WordPress because I read a lot of articles from professional bloggers to use WordPress. And after using WordPress, I feel there are many conveniences offered to build quality websites. I learned independently sourced from the internet. Interested in learning to make a website with me? Or do you want to make a website for me? Don’t hesitate to register at the service above.

How can we work with you?

If you want to collaborate / collaborate with me such as visit events, invite to be a speaker, or review brands and products, you can contact me directly at yanipalamui@gmail.com. I will respond as soon as possible.

Are you still actively working in Architecture and managing the Makassar Event?

Of course. My job as an architect does not always seem to work because the work that comes to offer, the system is contract per project. Makassar Event is also freelance, so it does not require me extra. And in my opinion it’s better because this way I can have a good focus on building this website. I hope that the Architecture and Makassar Event work will continue, but it is clear that my hobby in blogging will not stop.

What work do you really enjoy?

All related to blogs. I like to design, write and share what I know about blogs. That is why I opened a blog / website workshop and received a website creation service as well.